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A brilliant and thoroughly crypto native collaboration featuring exquisite diamonds and emeralds from one of the most respected fine jewelry houses in the world.

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The plight of the miner

Mining is the lifeblood of proof-of-work in the crypto world and Ethereum miners use vast amounts of time and computational power to process and verify transactions. There is a process of perseverance, faith and reward with the mining of gemstones, and also with blockchain. In this way the two are bound together literally, and with this masterpiece, also physically.

From one of the most storied diamond houses in the world—exquisite attention has been paid to the creation of this unique investment piece. The stones used to create this gullion are conflict-free and overwhelmingly impressive featuring a 33 carat emerald and 40 carats of colorless pavé diamonds (D/E/F color, VS clarity).


The 3s are omnipresent as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune from its inception (03/03), as well as specifications pertaining to carat weight and cost. 

The necklace is crafted in Metagolden's signature "Blockchain" design, inspired by blockchain code. The medallion contains fluorescent diamonds that when viewed under a black light spell "HODL," which means "hold on for dear life" in the crypto community. In addition to the physical necklace and medallion, this piece comes with it's counterpart as a wearable in the Decentraland metaverse.