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Metagolden is a platform that connects consumers to the burgeoning and lucrative world of NFT investment through digital art coupled with fine jewelry and 18k gold. Our mission is to educate, onboard and forge an appreciation for digital art and the NFT space at large.

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NFTs are traditionally "tokenized" by Blockchain code. However, when one purchases art from Metagolden, one receives a piece of jewelry that is representative of the work and featured in the art.


The investment then becomes two-fold: one in gold, the other in digital NFT art. Both assets appreciate independent of each other and can be sold in tandem or separately at any time.



Francine Ballard is a fashion industry veteran who started her career as fashion director for Los Angeles magazine in LA, and continued on as American fashion director for InStyle magazine in NYC. Having worked at Time Inc, Conde Nast and Fairchild publications, Ballard now covers NFTs and fashion in the technology space.


Prior to Metagolden, Ballard worked with major fashion and jewelry brands- Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston and many more on articles, layouts and style features for PaperCity magazine in Houston and Dallas.

An avid art collector, Ballard herself became enamored with the NFT space in February of 2021 and fell headfirst into the Metaverse collecting numerous pieces of digital art before launching a platform to enhance and extend her investment in the space and encourage others to do the same.