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“As its name subtly implies, there’s a fine jewelry component to Ballard’s company, which she established earlier this year, but there’s also a highly coveted digital element that makes Metagolden somewhat of a stylish enigma.”

With massive shipping delays, the recently flourishing digital art movement is the way to go for seasonal gifts

BY JESSICA CHERNER  // 12.09.2021

“All Longshore really needed to get into that digital realm was trusted friend Francine Ballard, the Houston founder of Metagolden, a gallery platform that connects consumers to the lucrative world of NFT digital art investment.”

Francine Ballard's Company Makes Digital Art Accessible

BY ANNE LEE PHILLIPS  // 12.07.2021

“Welcome to the world of NFTs, which Ballard has made the essential element of her fine jewelry company, Metagolden—and which the fashion industry at large has embraced in a big way.”

Gucci, Burberry, Diesel, and more are bringing limited-edition exclusivity to the blockchain.

BY NAOMI ROUGEAU // 08.31.2021

“If you're going to tokenize an NFT, you may as well do it with something you can wear and appreciate instead of just saying you own it with a stock or digital contract,”says former fashion editor and founder of Metagolden Francine Ballard. 

BY DANA AVIDAN COHN // 10.30.2021

“Ballard’s METAgolden is a virtual gallery, where you can buy a piece of original, verified digital art that is not only tied to the blockchain with an NFT, but tied to a tangible asset in the form of fine jewelry.”

Making the World of NFTs and Digital Art More Accessible — Francine Ballard’s New Houston Company is a Golden Game Changer


Metagolden Launches With Pioneering Art Rebel Ashley Longshore as its First Collaborator